Testimonial: A Shift Done in no Time!

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Testimonial: A Shift Done in no Time!
December 2, 2021
Testimonial: A Shift Done in no Time!

While some companies decide to integrate Viridem software into all their departments in one single and large migration from paper to digital, Vaillancourt Doors and Windows has opted for a different strategy.

We spoke with Mérédith Vaillancourt, Business Analyst at Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, to better understand their motivations for taking a gradual turn towards Viridem.

“We knew Loginnove’s Viridem software since it had already been referred to us. We had plans to set it up eventually to modernize our operations, but the timing was never right. Let’s say that when COVID hit, the timing was perfect. We had to reorganize quickly. Very quickly,” explains Mérédith.

Viridem opens the door to teleworking

Working remotely, setting up a home office, that’s nice, but for some departments of Vaillancourt Doors and Windows teleworking was simply impossible. The company was then among those completely dependent on paper processes and archives. It had to be addressed and quickly. “Our primary need was to allow teleworking without having to go through filing cabinets to go about our daily business,” continues the business analyst.

The Viridem team supported Vaillancourt Doors and Windows for a quick and gradual implementation of the software to free itself from paper and simplify the processes thanks to a centralized and secure solution.

A gradual implementation of the software

The transition to the computerization of documents has been carried out in stages, but not slowly. Quite the contrary! At Vaillancourt, speed of implementation was the key objective.

It is therefore one department at a time that Viridem software has been introduced to the company’s activities. “From the start, we knew we had to start with sales because it was much easier to set up. We thought we would go to the simplest and most effective first,” adds Mérédith.

This implementation strategy proved to be very judicious since the Vaillancourt team had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the software and learn how it works before continuing through the more complex areas of the company. “In a few weeks it was done!” says Mérédith before continuing, “it really wasn’t long, less than two months to put all this in place in the sales department. I am very keen to go iteratively: we settle phase 1 and then progress by being confident in the innovative solution we offer our team.”

After sales, accounts payable were freed from the burden of paperwork and archiving. “This shift allowed us to be quickly freed from paper in our two largest administrative processes, which was our initial goal. We aimed for simplicity so that the software is set up quickly. From there, we are aware that there is room to optimize our processes and we intend to benefit from all the advantages of Viridem.”

A window of opportunity that is far from closed

For now, the software is used for archiving and approval flow at Vaillancourt Doors and Windows. The company already has a large programming team to manage their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to which is added the expertise and support offered by Loginnove. It goes without saying that this local SME has all the resources in hand to think big.

“We are well equipped, and we have the objective of pushing the integration of Viridem further. If we could have imagined the speed of the software implementation, we would have made the shift way before!” concludes Mérédith with a satisfied smile.