Human Resources

Guide your team towards challenging projects such as developing your corporate culture, in addition to attracting, retaining, and training the workforce. Viridem takes care of everything else!

Employee files

Is the management of your employee files time consuming?

Onboarding documents, forms, resumes, performance assessments, leave reports, and more are filed in folders structured according to your team’s needs and accessible only to authorized staff.

Standards and policies

Do you have to deal with standards and policies?

Centralize your standards, policies, and procedures in a secure and paperless environment. This way, you will be able to refer to them much more quickly.


Which candidate best meets your needs?

Quickly find the best candidates in your resume database. Enter keywords to search for a typical profile using the full-text search function.


Are your documents secure?

Protect your data from leaks, theft, and loss by applying specific authorizations.


Do you manage the hiring process?

Improve onboarding practices! Design a customized workflow to optimize your hiring process.


Do you manage OHS claims, insurance & group RRSPs?

Simplify and automate your processes by converting your paper forms into digital documents.


Facilitate the management of instruction manuals, procedures, and technical drawings version approvals.

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Streamline the never-ending management of approvals, account payables, account receivables, and month-ends.

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Less busywork, more business.

Say goodbye to mechanical work and create added value by expressing your team’s ambition and talents.

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