Testimonial: A successful installation!

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Testimonial: A successful installation!
June 9, 2022
Testimonial: A successful installation!

Viridem software is useful to all administrative departments. This is especially true when the administrative team manages several separate companies. This is the case of our client, Groupe Bellemare, which relies on Viridem to optimize the administrative processes of its 13 companies.

With 13 different realities that also multiply by 13 the number of suppliers to pay, the administrative side of accounts payable had become a priority, not to say a major problem, within Groupe Bellemare.

“Just for one of our divisions, TBL, which is our in-house garage, it’s about 15 000 invoices annually. We had a big need for process automation,” says Marc Lévesque, the Group’s Chief Technology and Information Systems Officer.

A strong business partnership

It is the involvement of our team that led Groupe Bellemare to choose Viridem for its administrative transition to digital: “At Bellemare, we don’t look for suppliers who tell us they are the best. We are looking for partners. We want a real connection; we want partners who are involved in our reality. This is what we quickly found with Viridem,” says Mr. Lévesque. It should be noted that the business relationship began with a need and a desire to adapt our software to allow a connection with SAGE X3, the management system used by Groupe Bellemare.

Viridem, far from being set in stone

The flexibility of the software has made a huge difference in productivity for the management of our client’s accounts payable. “We were looking for a system that could connect to SAGE X3 to finalize transactions in an automated way. We met Dominique, the president of Viridem, and his transparency, his demonstration of the software, and his openness to develop a solution adapted to us helped us make our choice,” explains Mr. Lévesque.

Impressive time savings

Viridem allows the automation of the archiving of documents and adds to this the compatibility now possible with SAGE; Groupe Bellemare is very satisfied with the time saved thanks to these functions.

“Transactions are sent directly to SAGE—the document enters by email and is sent to Viridem which sends it to the SAGE accounting system—if all the information is well read, otherwise we adjust and it goes back into the system, we save at least 50 to 60% of time!” says, impressed, Étienne Garon, programmer analyst for Groupe Bellemare. Note that in the context of a labour shortage, this time saving certainly eases the workload of the existing staff!

Useful software from one department to another

Groupe Bellemare, which first discovered the effectiveness of Viridem for its accounts payable, decided to extend the implementation of the software to other sectors of the company. The health and safety department now has digital support. “In Viridem there is the whole notion of forms that can be adapted to each type of work, and it avoids managing paper forms. It appealed to us a lot and we are starting to use the software for accident and purchase forms. We are in the process of redesigning in that respect. The forms are conditional depending on the stage they are at and can be easily transferred to another person for the rest of the day. Gone is the famous pad passed from hand to hand. All this is done electronically now,” explains Mr. Lévesque.

The implementation of Viridem is not complete at Bellemare given all the companies attached to the Group, but the integration is progressing significantly, and the results are already measurable (and surprising!).

“We added another function for one of our companies. We have loaders that fill trucks with sand or other materials for customers. Operators enter the quantities into a console that now sends them to Viridem which automatically processes them for SAGE to generate the transaction. That is between 700 and 1,000 weighing tickets per month that are processed directly thanks to Viridem, everything is done automatically”, Mr. Garon said before concluding with a broad smile: “It’s pretty major!”

Overall, the Viridem installation is already a real success for Groupe Bellemare!