Testimonials: Viridem, truly flexible

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Testimonials: Viridem, truly flexible
June 20, 2022
Testimonials: Viridem, truly flexible

Viridem is a solution that is part of a desire for evolution and continuous improvement. The software finds its relevance in a context of innovation and organizational change. The methods of archiving and filing documents are no longer the same. Companies are constantly looking for effective tools to optimize their productivity because we know that time is precious.

What does it mean to optimize document processes? Well, the answer varies from company to company. It is precisely for this reason that Viridem adapts easily from one company to another. This is what convinced Luc Gamache, President of Gamache Assurances: “I had already tried another software, but when I spoke with Viridem, I found that they could customize it more than the one we had experienced and that they could accompany us in the process.”

A support service as flexible as the software

At Gamache Assurances, Viridem was first integrated into the accounting department before being used for the firm’s general document management.

“The added value of Viridem? Support during implementation. And even after! They take the time to integrate and customize the software to the needs of customers,” says Gamache, who also uses Viridem to simplify the management and archiving of insurance contracts.

Like any change in an organization, Viridem requires a certain adaptation on the part of the user to fully understand the tool and all the possibilities offered by this software. The Viridem team is here to support its customers throughout the learning curve which evolves very quickly!

Moreover, Dany Guillemette, Director of Finance and Administration of Groupe Signalisation, says he is completely satisfied with the progress of the transition: “The training went well, as did the various interventions. We have sometimes had questions or problems with invoices, we write to them, and we get feedback fast.” Speaking of fast, it should be noted that Groupe Signalisation quickly took ownership of the software since Viridem was functional within the company in just two weeks!

Viridem also means a greater flexibility for the team!

As an employer, it’s a clear advantage to offer your team the opportunity to work remotely and have an equally functional workflow. The software greatly facilitates telework since all stakeholders have access to documents, no matter where they set up their office. The job market has evolved and Viridem is a key software for the transition to a paperless office.

Viridem, constantly evolving and truly satisfied clients!

“It’s clear that I would no longer be able to work with the old method, especially with paper, filing and processing. Viridem is quite flexible in terms of different processes and document types, so for approval it is easy to modify the system and get the documents through the right person. In addition, it is constantly evolving, and we did not have to adapt the tool to our needs. It would therefore be complex for me to no longer work with them,” says Guillemette. In short, once Viridem is installed, it’s hard to do without it!