Viridem, your administrative ally, celebrates 10 years

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Viridem, your administrative ally, celebrates 10 years
November 2, 2023
Viridem, your administrative ally, celebrates 10 years

For the past ten years, Viridem has been helping you manage your administration so you can create and innovate. But behind the scenes of the solution that works hard to make your teams shine, there is a whole journey that unites Dominique Bernier and Daniel Boissonneault, two business people with great ambition!

When opposites meet

Daniel and Dominique have known each other for well over 20 years. Yet it was back in 2013 that the two men bumped into each other by chance and immediately clicked thanks to their shared passions for entrepreneurship and technology. A few discussions over coffee and a touch of audacity later, Loginnove was born.

“We quickly realized that we had different characters, but that’s what works,” explains Daniel. Patient and thoughtful, Daniel excels best when he is close to his teams and operations. An extrovert and good communicator, Dominique says he performs best when he is out of the office giving seminars or meeting customers. “To this day, Dan and I have never argued, I don’t think,” he adds, laughing. “Our complementarity makes us strong business partners.”

From idea to success

Back in the early 2000s, Dominique had anticipated the growing need to simplify tedious administrative processes, but it was the founding of Loginnove that enabled him to launch the very first version of Viridem.

“At first, it was just the two of us in a small, rented space,” recalls Daniel. Armed with their old PCs and expertise, they successfully accompanied their first three customers/partners in their digital shift: PromoGroup, Vivaco, and Citadelle. “Soon, other companies started knocking on our door, and we had to hire interns and even move,” adds Dominique.

Today, Viridem and Loginnove support more than 300 customers across Quebec and have more than 45 employees. Amid the pandemic, the team even moved into new premises near downtown Victoriaville! For the founders, it was important to be close to their community and the reality of their customers.

Viridem keeps on shining

“Our mentality has always been as long as we’re having fun, we’ll keep going,” explains Dominique. Propelled by the passion of its founders and the current labour shortage, Viridem’s momentum continues to shine. On September 29, partners, customers and employees met at Le Victorin to celebrate their successes together and to look ahead to the goals of the coming years. The Viridem team also took the opportunity to unveil a brand-new identity!

A new logo, an assertive brand signature and a modernized graphic universe: this is what the company has given itself to mark its first decade in style. Viridem now proudly displays its identity and takes its place as the solution that works hard behind the scenes to make your employees shine. Its motto? When you have less to do, you can focus on the REAL business!

To learn more about our new positioning and image, we invite you to explore our website.