What’s the process for launching a project with Viridem?

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What’s the process for launching a project with Viridem?
April 4, 2024
What’s the process for launching a project with Viridem?

The beauty of business is that every company and project is unique! That’s why at Viridem, we’re committed to offering you personalized support for your digital shift—every step of the way. So, what are the first steps to working with us?

The first meeting
“It all starts with an initial meeting with a curious person like me!” jokes account manager Olivier Nadeau. “Right off the bat, we chat for a bit, and that helps me assess how much the customer knows about our type of solution.”

At that stage, maybe you’ve only heard about administrative automation through the grapevine and are curious to find out more about its advantages, without necessarily having pinpointed your needs? Or maybe you’ve already heard of Viridem and want to know more about the specific ways the software can meet your needs. While both scenarios are equally common for us, finding out where you are in your digital transformation helps us better guide you through the next steps.

The discovery meeting 
Once we’ve broken the ice, we move on to a Viridem essential: the discovery meeting. Generally lasting about 30 minutes, this brief meeting helps us get to know you better and get down to the real business: What are your current issues? What do your internal administrative processes look like? What types of software are already integrated? And so on. Metaphorically speaking, we first need to ask you where it hurts to better understand your needs!

“At this stage, customers do most of the talking, and we listen to make sure our solution is well aligned with their issues,” explains Olivier. “At Viridem, we take a transparent, consultative approach, meaning that we’re looking for a real match with the company, rather than pushing a product at all costs.” Although it’s very rare that we decline to work with a company, we want to be sure that Viridem can make a real difference for our customers before we go any further.

The demo meeting
After we identify your needs together, our team of experts steps up to the plate! Through a more technical presentation, we explain exactly how Viridem can lighten your administrative load and support your employees in their daily tasks.

“This is where we’ll sit down together and dispel any remaining doubts about Viridem’s suitability,” says Olivier. “If needed, we’ll go through the features one by one.” The goal is to demonstrate the solution’s effectiveness and its full potential for your specific case. This last meeting also lets us get your final impressions and sort out any remaining details before officially launching the project.

The project launch
Once we’ve gone through all the previous steps, it’s finally time for our account manager to submit a proposal. Signing that agreement officially marks the start of our collaboration, and an integration team will be assigned to your project—your digital shift is a go!

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